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  • 16AUG

    16-18/8 Conference: What is empathy and what do we need it for?

    The conferfence is arranged by the Centre for Studies in Practical Knowledge at the School of Culture and Communication, Södertörn University.


    What is empathy and what do we need it for?

    Keynote speakers: Lou Agosta, Ivar Sviestins, Thomas Fuchs, Jan Slaby, Matthew Ratcliffe, Jodi Halpern

    The last ten years we have witnessed an exploding interest in the phenomenon of empathy. The wave of empathy studies is psychology, philosophy, psychiatry and other disciplines is linked to a parallel theoretical interest in the phenomena of feeling, selfhood, inter-subjectivity and morality, but also to practical attempts to understand and improve meetings between workers and clients in different professions, such as health care professions, teaching professions, psychotherapy or social work.

    In the conference we want to gather academics and practitioners from different disciplines who try to move beyond theory-theory and simulation-theory approaches to empathy. We want to address the question of what empathy is from an empirical as well as theoretical perspective, and we want to connect the issue to what role empathy serves in the development of human beings as well as the exercise of human based professions.

    If you have any questions about or wish to register for the conference, please contact conference secretary Martin Gunnarson: martin.gunnarson@sh.se

    The conference is free of charge and the deadline for registration is June 30th.

    The conference will be held in English.

    Tid och plats

    När: torsdag 16 augusti kl. 12:00 - lördag 18 augusti kl. 13:00

    Vad: konferens

    Var: Room MB 503, on the fifth floor in the B-wing, main building, Södertörn University, Campus Flemingsberg