Study information

Students.Our aim is to provide students at Södertörn University with the best possible service and support, so this area of the website gathers practical information that we hope and believe you will find useful.

Do you want to know how to apply to higher education or when the semester starts? Do you need to contact the Student Health Service, or perhaps you are planning to become involved with a student organisation? Do you want to apply for a degree certificate but are unsure how to go about it? Many questions can arise during your studies; if you can't find the answer you need here, please contact one of our study guidance advisors or Student Support Services. They will be happy to help you.

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The Study Workshop

The Study Workshop (Studieverkstan) is located in the university library and is available to all Södertörn University students, of all subjects and at all levels of study. At the Study Workshop we teach Swedish, English and oratory skills. You are welcome to come and ask any questions you have on writing, speaking and study techniques. Courses and lectures are also given by the Study Workshop. You can book individual and group tutorials, or come along to one of the weekly drop-in sessions. 

At the Study Workshop you can ask questions and have tutorials on the following:

  • planning, writing and re-working texts
  • essay writing (from Bachelor’s/first cycle to Master’s/second
    cycle level)
  • planning and delivery of spoken reports, presentations, opposing arguements and speeches
  • dealing with anxieties towards public speaking, writer’s block and reading and writing difficulties
  • questions on language, rules for writing, grammar etc.
  • interpreting what your teacher means in assignment questions and comments made, for example, about take-home examinations
  • reading course literature, note-taking, and how to prepare effectively before examinations.

From help to self-help

The objective of the Study Workshop is for you to be able to help yourself. We will not do your work for you, but we will point you in the right direction enabling you to work towards the solution yourself. We will not correct a text for you. On the other hand we will work through a text together with you so that you understand which aspects of the text require attention. We do not read large amounts of text in their entirety (maximum of 3 pages). However, if you have booked an essay tutorial longer texts can be read through.

Opening hours and booking a tutorial time

Information on the Study Workshop’s opening hours, how to book a tutorial time, and information about cancelled tutorials can be found here.