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Classes on information search strategies

The library offers free classes on information search strategies for all subjects at the university.

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The library's classes are connected to academic writing and aim to help students develop their independent learning, critical thinking, and ability to search for, and evaluate, information at a scholarly level. The classes will contribute to the over good quality of a student's degree project.

The classes are primarily for the A- and C- levels and are integrated into the subjects' course and programme syllabuses. They will be timetabled to coincide with a related class within the subject and will be connected to a piece of writing that students will be asked to do. The class is planned, evaluated and followed up by librarians and teachers working together.

The classes consist most often of 15–20 students.

Booking for spring semester 2014 is closed!

If you have any questions, please use this e-mail address: 

Some of the themes discussed in the classes are:
  • criticism of sources, evaluation of search tools and sources of information
  • search tools and sources of information
  • search strategies for finding earlier research
  • different types of publications
  • writing references