Student in front of the library.

Organisational structure

The library is organised into three units. ICT is separate from these units, directly under management, in the organisational structure.

Organisational chart for the library


Library Director: Karin Grönvall

Management: IT

Head of the IT Unit: Anders Fredriksson

IT in the library is responsible for IT-strategy and purchasing. It supports the different departments' and working groups' ICT-use and participates in development projects.

The Media and Web UnitLibrary interior

Head of the Media and Web Unit: Catarina Hummelstrand

This unit is responsible for the purchasing and accessibility of printed and electonic materials for library users as well as interlibrary loans and donations. It is also responsible for the library website, and for managing and developing the library's web-services.

The Learning and Research Support Unit

Head of the Learning and Research Support Unit: Jan Hjalmarsson

This unit gives educational and technical support to teachers of web-based courses. As a complement to learning, classes on critical searches of literature and other information are offered to all courses and programmes. It also provides support for researchers and doctoral students in information searches, referencing systems and publishing at the university.

The Customer Services Unit

Head of the Customer Services Unit: Cecilia Bäckstrand.

This unit assists library users from the Information desk and via e-mail, chat and telephone. The unit offers students the opportunity to book tutorials in searching for and evaluating information relating to academic writing. The unit is also responsible for providing students and staff with a stimulating study environment.