Student in front of the library.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. 

Computers and IT

Are there any scanners in the library?
The copying machines for students can be used as scanners. MedieCenter at the university also offers a scanner for students and staff.

Which programs are installed on the computers?
All computers have a web-browser and Microsoft Office installed on them. The computers in UB 518 have the following program installed: Adobe Creative Suite CS5.

How can I access the university network from my own computer in the library?
The university has a wireless network. Choose the SHGuestAccess wireless network. As a student or staff member, you can log-in using the same username and password which you use to log-in to the university's computers. Temporary access for visitors to the network can be organised by the Media Centre (Kontakt- och MedieCenter) if you can show valid photo-identification.

If I borrow a laptop computer can I take it out of the library?
Yes, you can take a borrowed laptop computer out of the library.

Can I send or receive a fax in the library?
No, unfortunately not.

Printing and copying

How and where can I photocopy in colour?
The colour photocopier and printer is on the 6th floor in UB 614.

How and where can I put credit onto my Sh-card to use for printing and copying?
This information is available on the student intranet.

Rooms for booking and the library building

Are there any group rooms available?
You can find out if there are any group rooms available by logging-in to the Book a group study room page. The group rooms are often fully booked for the same day, so booking a few days in advance is advised.

Where are the toilets?
The toilets are on the 5th and 6th floors. There is a map of the building at the library entrance. The handicapped toilet facilities are in the south-west corner of the building on the 5th floor behind the Study Workshop.

Is there a relaxation room in the library?
There is a relaxation room on the 5th floor. Please ask a member of staff at the Information desk to open it, if you would like to use it.

Contact and visit

How can I contact the library?
You can contact us via e-mail, telephone, you can chat with a member of staff on the website or you can speak to us at the Information desk in the library.

When is the library open?
For a list of the library opening times read the Contact and opening hours page.

Where are the examination rooms in the library?
The examination rooms are on the 7th floor, and can be reached by the staircases or lifts in the middle of the library building. There are signs to guide you to them from the library entrance.

Can I make a suggestion for a book purchase or the purchase of other materials?
Yes. Fill in the form on the Suggest a purchase page.


How can I get a library card?
If you are a student at Södertörn University your Sh-card is your library card. You will receive you Sh-card when you register. All other visitors to the library can get a library card at the Information desk in the library. You must be 16 years old, or over, and be able to present valid identification.

How long can I borrow course literature for?
Course literature can be borrowed for up to seven days. The loan period can only be extended if there are no other reservations on the book. The fine for late return of course literature is 10sek/book/day. Read more on the page Loan regulations and overdue fines.

Can I return books borrowed from Karolinska institutet (KI) here?

In the library search tool book is showing as "available" (on the shelf), but I can't find it. What should I do?
The book may have been taken by someone in the library who has not checked it out. The book could also be on one of the book trolleys beside the check in machine or on the shelves in the wrong place. The system can be wrong or the item could be missing from the library. Contact the Information desk in the library.

How can I change my contact details for messages regarding reserved and borrowed books?
Go to the Your loans and reservations page on the library homepage and log-in with your name and Sh-card number. Here you can change, for example, the e-mail address where notifications are sent regarding your loans and reservations.

Information searches

Which databases does the library have and how can I access them?
There are a number of databases which you can use. You will find them in Other resources A-Z. For more information go to the Books and e-resources page. To learn more about seach strategies in connection to writing essays, go to our Search and writing assistance pages or Book a tutorial om information searches.

Can I access the library's resources at home?
Students and staff at Södertörn University can access most of the e-journals which the library subscribes to from outside of the university. Search for the journal on the library website, as you would usually.

Use your SUNI-log,  the same user name and password you use to log in to the university's computers. Following a successful log-in the resource you wanted to access should appear.

If you are not a student, or a member of staff, at Södertörn University, you can visit the library and use the resources we subscribe to there.

How and where do I search in the library search tool?
Search directly in SöderScholar or in the search window, which is on most of the pages on the library website.

How much of a book can I photocopy?
You are allowed, in most cases, to copy parts of a book's text, but not all of it.

Writing and publishing

What is DiVA?
DiVA is a database which contains fulltext versions of essays, as well as publications authored by researchers woking at the university. Many colleges and universities have a DiVA-database. You can search all of them at the same time, or choose only to search, for example, publications produced by Södertörn University.

How do I publish my paper/essay?
When your essay has received a passing grade you can publish it. For more information go to the Publish your essay in DiVA page.

Who can find and read my essay?
When you have published your essay in DiVA it can be found via, Uppsök, and the DiVA-portal. Eventually your essay can be found via a Google-search.

How can I change my details if I have already published my essay?
It is important that the version of the essay you publish has received a passing grade. If you want to change the information registered with DiVA contact Write "DiVA essay" as the subject of your e-mail.

How do I write references?
For more information about how to write references go to the References page.

What should the covering-page of my essay look like?
You can download a template for the cover page. For more information go to the Writing essays page.

How can I register a publication in DiVA?
For more information go to the Publish you essay in DiVA page.