External relations

Studenter i biblioteket vid Södertörns högskola.These pages provide information about the areas of the university's activities that are focused on external relations with companies, public authorities and organisations. Södertörn University's alumni are also an important part of this work.

The university's external relations are aimed at creating experience and knowledge exchanges between students and researchers and external companies, public authorities and organisations. The interaction between theory and practice creates more routes to new knowledge and innovation, which can be transformed into practical applications that benefit individuals and society in a variety of ways.

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Academic schools

Links to the university's academic schools and centres that have external relations and collaborative projects.

Culture and Education

The School of Culture and Education includes the following subjects: English, Aesthetics, Aesthetic Learning Processes, Philosophy, Gender Studies, Art History, Comparative Literature, Media and Communication Studies, Education, Rhetoric and Swedish, as well as Teacher Education and the Centre for Studies in Practical Knowledge.

Historical and Contemporary Studies

We conduct research and education in Archaeology, Archive Studies, Ethnology, History, History of Ideas and the Study of Religions, as well as hosting the MARIS research centre and the Institute of Contemporary History.

Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies

The School of Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies conducts education and research in Media Technology and Informatics, Environmental Science, Tourism Studies, Biology, Mathematics Teaching, Nutrition Studies and Geography. These form the basis of a multidisciplinary environment with a strong focus on interdisciplinarity.

Social Sciences

The School of Social Sciences conducts research and education in the following subjects: Business Studies, Journalism, Economics, Public Law, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology and Political Science.