Student in front of the library.

Printing and copying

As a student at Södertörn University, you use your SH-card for printing and copying. Other visitors can get a guest account for printing or borrow a card for copying. 


Questions about printing or copying?

In case of questions or technical problems regarding printing, copying or refilling your SH-card, please contact MedieCenter at the university.

A sign at the room with copiers and printersRefilling your SH-card

As a new student at Södertörn University, you get your SH-card loaded with 20 sek for copying or printing. Then, you put money on your Sh-card via the Refill your printing and copying cardlink on the library website:

  1. Log-in with your username (suni\sh...) and the 4 digit PIN you use for the university photocopiers and printers.
  2. When you log-in your current balance will be shown. The minimum you can put on your card is 50 sek. You will need a bank card to use the refill system.The library Information desk has Nordea security code calculators, which Nordea
    customers can borrow.
  3.  In order to get a receipt, fill in your e-mail address at the bottom of the page.

If you are a Swedbank or SEB customer you will need to have registered your card with Verified by Visa before you can refill your card.

Copiers and printers

Printing and copying

The library copying machines and printers are in room UB 515 on the 5th floor and in room UB 614 on the 6th floor. You also find printers in the southern stairwell on the 6th floor.

To make colour prints, choose printer ub614-s1. This is also a colour copying machine and it is placed in room UB 614.

All documents which have been sent to print, but not printed out, are removed from the printing system after 30 minutes.

More information about, for example, double-sided printing, can be found in manuals at the library Information desk. This is also where you can collect A3-sized paper sheets.



If you need to use the computers in the library, but do not have student log-in, ask for a guest account at the library Information desk. You will be asked to show valid identification. The cost for printing out, for a guest, is 2 sek/side and prints can be collected at the library Information desk. Only black/white prints (A4-size) are possible with a guest account. The library accepts card payments only.


You can borrow a guest copying card from the library Information desk. The copying machines are in room UB 515 and i room UB 614. The library Information desk accepts card payments only. The prices for copying are:

  • Black and white, single-sided: 2 sek
  • Colour, single-sided 4 sek/side
  • Black and white A3-size, single-sided: 5 sek (collect A3-sheets from the library Information desk)

How to save documents

When you are working on the university's computers, documents saved on the computers' "Desktop" or in "My Documents" are deleted when you log out. We recommend that you save documents on to a USB-memory stick or in your e-mail account.

University computers can be locked, if you need to take a break, but following twenty minutes of inactivity you will automatically be logged out and any unsaved documents will disappear.