Student in front of the library.

Tutorials on information searches

Where can you find previous research on your essay subject? What characterizes a scholarly article? How can you search databases more effectively? Book a tutorial on information searches with a librarian to learn more.

Our aim

The aim of the tutorial is that you as a student at Södertörn University will get the opportunity to deepen your ability to independently search and critically evaluate information in connection to the writing of academic texts. During the tutorial, we help you with:

Are you a doctoral student, researcher or teacher at Södertörn University? Book a tutorial time here.

  • Identifying what information you need to find
  • Choosing relevant search tools
  • Formulating effective search words
  • Developing you search techniques
  • Evaluating sources of information
  • Getting access to different sorts of materials

A tutorial is a session of teaching where we focus on your learning rather than the actual finding of a number of texts. This means that you are expected to come sufficiently prepared, and that you contribute actively during the meeting. Your experience is the starting point for the meeting.

Conditions for bookings

Tutorials are offered to students at Södertörn University who are writing c-essays and similar academic texts and who experience a need to learn more about information searches.

  • Questions regarding the choice of essay topic, method or theory? Contact your teacher.
  • Questions about writing references, structuring texts etc.? Contact the Study Workshop.
  • More straight forward questions about information searches? Contact our customer services.

Tutorials can be booked for during the daytime, Monday to Friday. A tutorial session is approximately 30–60 minutes long and is usually held in the Info Workshop (UB517) in the library, but they can also be given by e-mail or telephone. At certain times, due to demand, we cannot give tutorial times, but can sometimes offer group tutorials as an alternative.

In order to book a time for a tutorial, fill in the form to the right and we will contact you within two working days. The tutorial time will be approximately within one week.

Closed during summer

Tutorials are not possible to book during the period 9 June – 24 August.